Andres Kishimoto: The Story

Andres Kishimoto, Kent State Student

Andres Kishimoto

Andres Kishimoto is just like any other student at Kent State University, just trying to do his best. Like most students, Andres lives on campus, but unlike most students Andres is an entire continent away from home. Andres Kishimoto, 20, is from Peru, but came to the United States to attend college. Andres lives in Olson Hall this semester and is studying electronic media production.

Andres chose Kent State University because they offered him more scholarships when he applied. He visited the campus before deciding and said that he really liked the TV2 station located on campus and that it was a big selling point for him. One of the downfalls of being here, he says, is “the food is terrible.” He says the thing he misses most is his rice or “good rice” as he calls it. He says he also misses his family, but talks to them almost every day.

Although he does miss his family, Andres has found a different kind of family here at Kent State. Andres has been given two nicknames, so far, since arriving at Kent State University. The first nickname he received was because of his home country of Peru; however, it is not spelled P-e-r-u, it is spelled P-u-r-o-o. The reason for this, Andres explained, is because one of his friends thought that was how Peru was spelled. His second nickname comes from the movie “Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.” When some of the guys on his floor first met Andres, they thought he looked like the character of Han from the movie. In the end, half of Andres’ friends refer to him as Han and the other half refer to him as Puroo.

Andres is like most American college students, he enjoys watching television, particularly soccer, and playing video games. He also enjoys movies. “At home, I watch a movie every Friday,” Andres said. Andres also loves bowling; in fact, Andres was on the Peruvian National Bowling team at home. Andres would bowl for up to three hours a day when training. He doesn’t get to bowl as much as he would like at Kent State University, but he is having lots of other new experiences.

Like most people, Andres loves music; especially the popular music played on the radio today, as well as Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble and the classic groups from the late 1990s-early 2000s. For his 20th birthday, Andres bought himself a synthesizer. It is also not uncommon to find Andres wandering around his dorm playing his roommate’s guitar. He tends to only learn the parts he likes of songs; therefore, he does know bits and pieces of a variety of songs.

Andres has only just begun his journey at Kent State University, and he has many plans for the next couple of years. He wants to go to Cedar Point for the first time, he would like to learn to either ski or snowboard and he eventually wants to go sky-diving. There is still time for him to complete all of his goals; he will be a Kent State student for the next four years, and he is looking forward to it.