The First Semester

Throughout his first semester at Kent, Andres has had many new experiences and made many new friends. During his first semester, Andres’ friends have had him experience new types of food. His friends have had him try a root-beer float and a Kit-Kat bar. Andres loved the Kit-Kat bar and hated the root-beer float. Andres’ friends also took him to Taco Bell for the first time this semester. Andres tried a soft taco and said, “It’s better than the campus food.” While at Taco Bell, he also tried the Cinnamon Twists and was pleasantly surprised.

Andres’ friends also opened Andres up to new experiences besides just food. After meeting some people, Andres realized that a lot of his friends enjoyed skateboarding; therefore, he felt that he too should learn to skateboard. Andres also learned to play American football, or as he calls it, “fake football.” He discovered that he actually quite enjoys playing. Andres also attended his first hockey game ever during his first semester. “I really like this,” Andres said as he was watching the game. He stood right by the rink to get closer to the action.

In addition to playing American football during his first semester, Andres also learned how to play corn-hole and the ukulele. He loved learning to play the ukulele and now would like to buy one. He also loved learning to play corn-hole, and may have kept playing if his friends hadn’t stopped him. Andres loves billiards, and learned a new game called Sweetness, but he prefers regular billiards. Andres played the board game Apples to Apples this semester also. He really enjoyed the game, and caught on quickly even though he didn’t know what some of the cards meant, or who some of the people were. One more first for Andres during his first semester was dressing up for his first Halloween. Andres went as Justin Bieber and wore a blond wig and everything.

Not everything Andres did his first semester was a first experience for him. Some of his favorite activities to do with his friends were: going to the rec, playing volleyball, playing billiards, playing racquetball, ice skating, watching movies, and just hanging around the dorm. One thing that Andres did do his first semester was team up with his friend Andy and began playing music together. Andres has acquired a list of over 30 songs that he would like to learn on the guitar/or piano. His first semester may have been full of first experiences, but for Andres, one of the greatest things he will take from his first semester is his friends.